Welcome to our Bitcoin SuperStar review and SCAM investigation. Today we have decided to expose and blacklist the Bitcoin SuperStar scam crypto robot (AKA Bitcoin Super Star), and advise all our German speaking members to avoid this fraudulent trading platform. The Bitcoin SuperStar software and losing trading system is the latest in a long line of linked or copied scams which promise to grant you free access to a highly profitable “risk-free” app and guarantees you can make €13,000 in 24 hours if you join. In reality, once you signup and invest your initial deposit triggers a campaign ID and the affiliates, media agencies, or online promoters who illegally solicited you to join this filthy ruse get paid referral commissions.

Initially we were tipped off about the Bitcoin SuperStar scam after receiving multiple complaints regarding unlicensed offshore brokers who are extremely skilled at defrauding unsuspecting victims and opportunity-seekers looking to take advantage of a profitable trading system. When we conducted a live test using this software we invested €350, the broker which was assigned to us was United Markets Capital, which is registered in Sofia Bulgaria (fishy legal jurisdiction). Needless to say after signing up our testing team was bombarded with phone calls from a UK, Austrian, and Czech phone number. Once they realized we were not interested they tried to convince us to use their in-house system which some kind of a scam trade copier where all the members are fake and you are always in profit (until you actually invest). It’s also important to point out that the Bitcoin SuperStar scam got picked up by various fake review websites, and unfortunately they are giving this confirmed get-rich-quick scheme their full endorsement. So if for some reason you saw an advertisement on Facebook or clicked on some type of advertorial fake news page which led you to Bitcoin SuperStar, there is reason to believe you are being targeted by highly motivated and well-funded crypto scam artists.

So, do you still believe Bitcoin SuperStar is legit and want to deposit? In that case we recommend you read our informative Bitcoin SuperStar review because we shed light on this latest Forex scam and exposed the crooks behind it.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: Spoofed Website Keeps Changing

Scam Evidence:
Here is the Bitcoin SuperStar primary sales page and registration area. It is plain to see that these crooks are telling you that you can make €13,000 in 1 day and that it is guaranteed!

                                                                                     Bitcoin SuperStar Registration Page

And right here in the section below (once more) we have the same Jake Tapper from CNN News talking about how Bitcoin will reshape the global economy. Only this time he is used to promote other copied scams such as Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Trader.

                                                                               Bitcoin SuperStar Recycled Scam

Bitcoin SuperStar Signals Panel
This software is totally ripped off and belongs to a company named “algo trading”. It has been used and recycled multiple times for various automated crypto trading scams like the once we mentioned previously.

                                                                                               Bitcoin SuperStar Signals

Bitcoin SuperStar Fake News
Dieter Bohlen the “Pop-Titan” and 80’s SuperStar (Modern Talking) does not know or endorse the Bitcoin SuperStar software in any way or form. What you see on his Instagram has nothing to do with genuine Bitcoin trading and taken completely out of context. If you have been exposed to a fake advertorial or “news style” kind of website which is redirecting you to the actual Bitcoin SuperStar website, then you need to understand that there are very deep pockets involved and someone has to cover the marketing costs. Who do you think will pay for the advertising campaigns? That’s right, you will do so if and when you sign up and deposit!

                                                                                       Bitcoin SuperStar Dieter Bohlen

Fake Bitcoin SuperStar Reviews
There is a little army of fake websites which are now endorsing the thieving Bitcoin SuperStar software, and to be quite honest it is one of the most deceptive and misleading marketing campaigns we have recently seen. If you take a look below you will see collection of snippets we were able to spot and have made them available to you so you can use them as a point of reference.

                                                                                      Fake Bitcoin SuperStar Reviews

Bitcoin SuperStar Review, No You Will Not Become A Millionaire Like Dieter Bohlen
Don’t believe the fake reviews! We tested the Bitcoin SuperStar scam software and it took us about 5 minutes to lose our entire balance. Potential customers, day traders, and opportunity-seekers signing up for this bogus app will end up speaking to a sleazy sales rep with a strange accent, and these guys are rude and extremely aggressive. They will sell you the world and sprinkle you with fairy dust to get you to invest because that is their job. In reality there is no “laser accurate” technology, or secret trading system which will generate profits on auto pilot for you. The Bitcoin SuperStar software is rigged and designed to execute losing trades because that is how the crooks operating behind the scenes earn their money. So in essence there is an inherent conflict of interest, and that is really the biggest concern with have with these types of automated trading apps.

Is It Free?
No, absolutely not! It cost at least €250 to get started using Bitcoin SuperStar, and that money will be charged to your credit card by the thieving broker which has been assigned to you..

Legitimate Bitcoin CFD Trading Versus Fake Bots
Trading crypto CFD’s can be an extremely profitable venture, but as always is the case with any type of online trading there is significant risk involved. Uneducated traders usually absorb the most losses when they don’t have a proper entry and exit strategy planned. Purchasing the best contracts (call or put) at the cheapest rates is also critical. So if you are new to online trading and unfamiliar with the environment, it is imperative that you use collateral or supporting systems such as signals or automated bots.

Tested Systems That Work (They Really Do)
Very few trading apps actually work as advertised and perform consistently. However, our research staff managed to compile a short yet reputable list of systems which have withstood the test of time and generate profits for us and our members on a daily or weekly basis. We have made this list available to our viewers and members in our recommended section, so take a minute to check it out.

Bitcoin SuperStar Review, Summary, and Much Foreseen Conclusions

The Bitcoin SuperStar scam app and automated crypto robot is a fraudulent investment platform and blacklisted get-rich-quick scheme. We have tried using this software and got burned badly after losing all our money very quickly. If you are from Germany, Austria, or Switzerland and are considering using this software despite all the proof of scam we have managed to produce, then you would be acting irresponsibly and pretty much giving your money away to some anonymous thief. If you believe we have been too critical or alternatively feel we have misjudged this latest Bitcoin Trading robot, please reach out and message us through our contact page or social media.