The Bitcoin Honey Badger Voting Bloc

Put 100 cyber-hornets in a voting booth, and they will fight with each other with 100 points of view. Put 100 cyber-hornets in a room with Nassim Taleb, a Bitcoin-hater who personally attacks Lyn Alden . We will make him insane. If we are a single force in the advancement of Bitcoin, that’s all we can do. Let’s stop fighting over the red and blue. It’s time to have the Orange Party.

“Fix the Money, Fix The World” Our politicians want us to focus on the details of fixing the world, while degrading our money and stealing our wealth.

FULL STOP. Let’s first fix the money. Then we can go back to bickering over red or blue policies. Maybe, we will find that many of our disagreements over policies have been resolved or their impact has decreased. Maybe our society will become more civil. How can we achieve this?

“Bitcoin” must behave like a honey badger in both the network and monetary arenas, but also in politics. An animal’s purpose in showing its strength before entering into conflict is to show the pain that could befall its aggressor should it engage in an attack. Both can be hurt and even killed if the other side doesn’t win. These modes of communication are the foundation of most animal interactions – snarls, aggression, and other forms of communication.

What’s the point? There is no need for Karens to clamor for a call from their senator. We need 10,000 Chads or Staceys to calmly explain to their senators about the virtues of innovation and human freedoms. We snarl to get them to listen to your rational arguments. Our aggressive display is designed to convince them that you will donate to Bitcoin supporters, regardless of political affiliation.

, regardless of political affiliation. This will make them think that we are political mercenaries who will transfer money to Bitcoin-friendly politicians. This is the only way to make it bipartisan more quickly.

Take a look at the bill’s wasteful spending and payments to buy votes. This bill was written and funded by lobbyists.

Although we don’t yet have an army or lobbyists, there are 46 million Americans who own bitcoin.

While most people don’t possess the same passion and knowledge as us, they will need to be more concerned with Number Go Up Technology. Politicians need to realize that if they threaten Bitcoin developers, miners, wallets, or nodes, they are threatening ALL OF US.

Honey badgers are quick to show their aggressors that they mean business. They back up the aggressor and tear them apart without remorse. It is time to show our politicians who we really are.