Sega Might Drop NFT Experiments if Perceived by Gamers as a Money Grab

Haruki Satomi is the CEO of Sega. He has spoken out about the possible stance that the company might take on NFTs and the play to earn movement in the future. Satomi spoke at the December 24th Sega management meeting. He stated that the company may stop conducting experiments involving these new technologies in traditional gaming.

Satomi responded to a question about Sega’s current view on play-to earn technologies:

We are interested in trying out different experiments. Although we have started many studies and considered options, nothing has been decided on P2E. Although there have been numerous announcements, including from overseas, about P2E, some users are still having negative reactions.

Sega could also consider ending these actions if players see it as a money-making scheme.

Meta Mention

Satomi also spoke about the topic of the metaverse. He stated that a metaverse to him is a place where people gather and communities are created. He said that not all games with metaverse elements are considered to be a metaverse, and that the gaming industry should concentrate on making high-quality games rather than metaverse experiences, due to the buzz surrounding the topic.

He expanded on these ideas and said:

Super Game is a game that supports global and multi-platform gaming and has a network and community. It could become an e-sport if it has a competitive element called “PvP”. It could also become a Metaverse if there are tens or millions of downloaded games worldwide and a certain amount of active users.

Sega is another gaming company to have started playing in NFTs. In April, the company announced that it would begin selling NFTs based upon its intellectual property. This announcement received a negative response from the gaming community. This backlash has also been received by traditional gaming companies like Ubisoft or GSC Game World about activities that involve blockchain and related technologies.

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